In fourth grade, Whitney announced to her family her intention to be a writer.

In a family of attorneys, that’s like saying you want to tap dance on Broadway. A sure road to a steady diet of Top Ramen.


Little did her family anticipate her writing skills and her knack for talking to anyone and anything would take her to California as a public relations and communications specialist – writing speeches, creating copy, handling media, and at times, being on camera herself.


She honed her skills with industry leaders like Apple, AOL, Discovery Channel, and IBM, along with numerous start-ups.

The speaker coaching came in unexpectedly.

During a corporate stint at Sun Microsystems, the boss decided that there were too many in-house presentations being made by the PR team, so the entire department would receive speaker training. On the final day of class, the trainer tapped Whitney on the shoulder and asked if she’d like to be a trainer. While only a side hustle at the time, she soon knew it to be a calling.


Whitney’s aha moment: great delivery starts with great content. It’s what she founded RebelMind on and why the company has attracted hundreds of disruptors and category pioneers.


But Whitney isn’t all work and no play.


She’s kept her creativity alive by writing and producing four television pilots and a couple of screenplays. Plus, she operates an instructional guide to career pivots, called Wabi-Sabi at Work.

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